Star-burst from the shelves

Coles has confirmed that it will be removing Starburst lollies from shelves.

Woolworths has already made this same move back in December 2015.

A Coles spokesperson wrote on Facebook that the Starburst varieties have been removed from the national range.

“We understand how frustrating it can be to see a favourite product disappear from the shelf and we can assure you that this decision is not one made lightly,” the spokesperson said.

“It’s our job to provide customers with choice and value but with limited shelf space we have to balance providing choice with making sure the most popular products customers want to buy are available every time they shop. Keeping products that are not selling on shelf makes this difficult.”

“We’re sorry for the disappointment and we’ll ensure your feedback is shared with our Merch Team so they’re aware.”

Coles said they were removing the Starburst as there are so many brands within the range catering for the same need.

“We have taken them out and added segments of the market we were not covering well,” Coles said.

A petition is already in place, calling on both Coles and Woolworths to reinstate the product.

A spokesperson for Metcash confirmed that IGA would still be stocking Starburst.

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