Starbucks bring coffee to home kitchens

You can now enjoy Starbucks at home, from the comfort of your couch – no WiFi code required.

Nestlé have just released a new line of instant soluble coffee featuring the signature Starbucks medium (with notes of milk chocolate and nuts) and dark (with a sweet, roast flavour and notes of dark chocolate) roast tastes.

They’re available now as both multi-serve tins and in single-serves and feature their popular orders Cappuccino, latte, mocha, caramel and vanilla lattes, as well as a Matcha (tea based) latte.

And reflecting Starbucks’ huge international presence, they’re launching globally the UK, Ireland, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, as well as a number of central and south-east Asian countries.

“The instant coffee segment is growing fast globally. With the launch of Starbucks premium instant coffee, we have a new range that resonates with Starbucks consumers and will strengthen our leading position,” Nestle’s deputy vice president, head of Nestlé coffee brands David Rennie said.

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