Product sampling simplified with Stock Box

StockBoxSampling service Stock Box has launched a new option to its program, allowing any supplier to promote its products to members for free.

This new feature works on the basis of promoting supplier products to registered Stock Box members in a virtual sense, requesting their expressions of interest for a product sample in their next box. Results are then shared with the suppliers allowing them to only engage with these boxes on the next cycle.

Stock Box says the benefit of this new feature is that market gaps can be easily identified allowing suppliers to only participate in boxes their products eventually go into, while retailers get a product box that is right for them, with only active and interested members participating.

Suppliers will still have the option to mass market to the entire Stock Box universe for new product launches, and they can still target certain channels on a monthly basis from July onwards.

Stock Box managing director, Craig Matthews, said: “We have listened to our members and suppliers, who have asked for a more flexible program that provides a greater level of choice. As a result of this improvement we now have the ability to scale our retailer base from 1450 to 3, 5 or even 10 thousand members, as suppliers will only ever be engaging in a sub-set of the universe making the program cost effective”.

Product submissions for the August box are almost full and submissions are already being received for the following months leading up until December.

For enquiries regarding Stock Box, contact Craig Matthews on 0407 467 670, email or go to

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