Stock Box to Advantage The Distributors Members

The Distributors have taken advantage of the Stock Box program by promoting it to their Advantage loyalty program customers nationally, as an added service to promote new lines and product launches and to test new product concepts.

“The reality is that there are many new lines that are launched into the market each and every month and it is impossible for our business to see and screen every product in terms of suitability for our warehouses,” said The Distributors General Manager Alessandro Garofalo.

Stock Box is a unique service that complements marketing and buying functions for new products entering the market, by allowing retailers to try and rate products in terms of acceptability and ranging intent. This information is invaluable for suppliers looking to maximise their marketing spend, by focusing their efforts to the right groups and banners.

“Stock Box is a win-win-win for the channel as we are exposing more retailers to more suppliers and with the endorsement of banners and groups such as The Distributors, we are providing information that facilitates the introduction and opportunity to grow categories and product ranging, which is good for everyone. We are delighted that The Distributors have taken a lead in the channel and a genuine interest in expanding their supplier and product assortment for the benefit of their retail members business,” said Stock Box Managing Director Craig Matthews.

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