Store Review: APCO IGA X-press Newcomb

When Three fiercely Independent brands combine

In 1968, Ron and Margaret Anderson purchased the Mobil Distribution in Warnambool which lead to them becoming an Independent Distributor and the APCO business was born – Anderson Petroleum Company (APCO).

1980 saw the opening of the very first APCO retail store and service station when Victoria’s first APCO Easy Shop store was opened in Warrnambool it was to be the first of many.

The APCO business specialises in the supply of quality, competitively priced fuels, fresh café style food, quality Barista made coffee, modern convenience offers and grocery top-up solutions. Our stores are mostly regionally located, and our Owner Operator business format and exceptional customer service focus, gives APCO a real community presence in the market which drives strong customer loyalty.  APCO continues to be a leader within the industry for innovative store design and our extensive foodservice offers under the brand of Café 24-7 and is proud of the quality Barista style coffee business that our customers love and can’t get enough of.

Along with the super convenience store offerings, APCO now also successfully co-brands with IGA X-press in many locations which is providing the ultimate convenience, top-up shopping experience.

The newest APCO IGA Xpress location at Newcomb features an extended foodservice offer with Café 24-7 and an IGA X-press supermarket that comprises a modern fuel forecourt featuring Hi-Flow Diesel operating 24 hours / 7 days.

The ultimate modern convenience store

The APCO store at Newcomb teamed up with the well-known IGA brand which has already been a hugely successful model for APCO at other locations; North Geelong, Albury, Bairnsdale and Wodonga.  Add to this mix APCO’s very successful foodservice brand, Café 24-7 and you have three independent brands coming together to provide the ultimate modern convenience and foodservice offer. With consumers seeking shopping options that fall between full-fledged supermarkets and traditional convenience, APCO IGA X-press Newcomb has certainly delivered on this expectation with top-up grocery offers boasting competitive supermarket grocery prices, meat produce, fruit & veg, deli items, extensive dairy and bakery.

The modern one-stop shopping experience is unique; fill up your car, park right out the front of APCO’s IGA X-press, top-up your groceries, fresh foods, chilled foods, deli, meat and bakery foods at very competitive ‘supermarket pricing’, then grab a bite and a Barista made Coffee at Café 24-7 before you leave.

Each week APCO’s IGA Xpress features and support the specials across a range of grocery lines, making the modern convenience a strong competitor to the large supermarket chains stores.

APCO Director, Robert Anderson said, “We have tailored our range of grocery lines to give locals more of what they like, including many of their favourite, less expensive brands.

“We like to make things as easy and convenient as possible for our customers.  Customers can pay for their fuel and their top-up groceries at the same time before grabbing a coffee and a bite to eat from our modern Café 24-7.  It’s all about saving time and making life easier – fuel, groceries, freshly made café food and Barista style coffee, all in one great location, with ample front-shop parking.

The IGA Xpress is guaranteed to satisfy at any time, night and day, 24 hours per day…there’s no more convenient place to shop in Geelong

Store design and features

APCO IGA X-press Newcomb in Geelong offers a terrific combination of an IGA X-press in-store with very competitive pricing for everyday supermarket grocery items, an expanded fresh food dynamic including deli and gourmet foods, with a captivating Barista Coffee bar featuring Cold Brew.

The APCO IGA X-press blends the best of three different worlds, grocery, café and petrol/convenience, bringing them under one roof for an amazing shopping experience.

With everything from traditional lunchtime café fare like pizzas and bain marie pasta’s, through to fresh vegetables, salads and ready to go meal solutions to feed the family, APCO IGA X-press has it all.

The store design is customer centric, easy to access and navigate; Café and Grocery are divided into two distinct sections, centred around a POS island hub, although a dedicated POS is located within the Café to better manage food & coffee customers who do not have a petrol purchase

This is changing the face of our customers, attracting a new generation of shoppers to APCO that know and trust they can get all their grocery, fresh produce and meal time needs in an easy to navigate and timely fashion!  And still get their fuel at the most competitive prices!

Café 24/7 

APCO IGA X-press Newcomb now takes modern convenience and foodservice to new heights.  APCO’s Café 24-7 as the name suggests, never closes and like other APCO Café 24-7 outlets is leading the way in convenience foodservice with a mix of Café ambience & boutique shopping; Diners can choose to eat in the café, the undercover al fresco area or of course our food is always ‘good to go’.

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Café 24-7 provides a welcome stop for both travellers as well as their vehicles to refuel.

APCO’s Café 24-7 sprouts ambience and innovation – freshly made hot and cold, on-the-go, ready to eat food – snacking, brekky, lunch & Dinner time day parts; barista made coffee and snacking, refreshments at great value prices.

Early birds can launch their day with ready-to-go breakfast products and quality freshly-packed salads, sandwiches, rolls, wraps and a great range of focaccia’s for lunch, and also caters for evening take-home and eat-in meal solutions; any time of day and night, Café 24-7 can fuel all your hunger and appetite needs.

Fill up your car, satisfy your hunger and enjoy fast, friendly service, at our Café 24-7, open all day, all night, every day!

The APCO difference

One of APCO’s founding principles was to provide people in regional areas with quality, essential fuels at competitive prices; this value continues to be a company focus today.

Director Robert Anderson said: “Our overall philosophy is to support the local community and one tangible way of doing this is by being a leader in the field of independent fuel pricing.

“We sell our fuel at a fair price, always aiming to provide the most competitive prices in town.

“We also only sell Mobil and Shell (Viva Energy) fuels, purchased directly from their refineries, picked-up by our own trucks and drivers and delivered directly to our stores. So APCO strongly supports locally manufactured product and further supports Australian jobs.

“We are committed to continuing to support our community by remaining a market leader with our fuel pricing, even when prices are on the rise,” Robert added. “We’re catering to our busy Aussie battlers who want to grab something quick on their way to work or something easy on their way home and that’s where our future lies, becoming a true destination point.”



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