Store review part 1: Designer dreams bought to life

This is part of one of two written on Caltex’s The Foodary in Derrimut.

As part of Caltex’s recent revamp and new-look store rollout, many of the classic Star Mart stores have been transformed into the convenience hub of food and services, The Foodary.

While the first The Foodary was a pilot store, it has been a successful business venture for the company. Two years after the first The Foodary in Concord, Sydney, Caltex has taken the transformation to another level, by employing two Australian interior designers in an attempt to change the current perceptions of what a service station should be.

A Caltex spokesperson told C&I that the store designed in collaboration with was The Foodary in Derrimut, “Our Derrimut store is the perfect store to transform with Alisa and Lysandra’s help – it’s located just outside of the Melbourne CBD and a popular stop for truckdrivers and families. We have more than 60 The Foodary sites across Australia, and customers are loving our barista-made coffee, fresh food, food for now and top-up grocery selection”.

Caltex’s General Manager of Convenience Development Helen Moore said The Foodary was a part of an evolving retail convenience strategy, providing customers with a convenient experience in both food and services.

The chosen designers, sisters Alisa and Lysandra Fraser are best known for their bathroom designs when winning Channel 9’s The Block in 2013.

The Caltex spokesperson said: “Alisa and Lysandra are well-known for their bathroom designs from Channel 9’s The Block and we knew we had to get the best in the business to give The Foodary at Derrimut the ‘wow’ factor”.

“Our builders introduced us and we soon realised that Alisa and Lysandra shared our vision to create a service station environment where customers would feel comfortable staying for a while to enjoy our food offer and other on-the-road amenities. We also worked with Alisa and Lysandra on our The Foodary store in Altona North, Victoria,” the spokesperson said.


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