Strong Margins & Strong Growth – Health & Beauty Offer with JCSM

With great brands such as Codral, Zyrtec, Panadol, Kleenex, Telfast & Nurofen, take advantage of the growth in Health & Beauty/Medicinal in P&C.

JCSM is a national Sales and Distribution Agency that partners with FMCG companies within the ‘Health and Beauty’ space, to maximise sales through Petrol Station and Convenience retailers. Due to the pandemic and increased shoppers in the P&C channel, JCSM has recently seen significant growth across key brands we represent such as Codral, Sudafed, Zyrtec, Band-Aid, Panadol, Nurofen, Telfast, Strepsils, Kleenex, UbyKotex, Huggies and many more.

The key opportunity for retailers to drive sales is via strategic activations based around seasonality which JCSM can facilitate with brands such as Codral/Sudafed, Nurofen, Panadol, Strepsils, Zyrtec and Telfast. These activations can be prepacked Counter Units, Hangsells or Floor Stands, and provide an incremental sale whilst these brands have significant marketing support and are highly sought after.

Customers are increasingly looking for distressed purchase products (Cold ‘n’ Flu, Allergy, Baby and other Medicinal Health & Beauty products) whilst routinely visiting their local Petrol Station or Convenience store. These sku’s represent a significant trade up to the $ margin for retailers and are incremental to the traditional P&C consumer basket.  

Establishing the correct range of products on shelf will provide Petrol Station and Convenience retailers a greater return and the ability to turn stock over a lot more frequently. JCSM have developed an optimal Health & Beauty Planogram to reflect market leading products which cover all subsegments of the Health & Beauty category and are a perfect fit for an impulse purchase. See link below for a best in class Health & Beauty Planogram recommendation.

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