Stuart Alexander new CEO and Executive Chair

Former GM sales and marketing Nick Nairn has been appointed CEO of Stuart Alexander. Source: LinkedIn

Stuart Alexander & Co has announced that Garry Browne AM, after 40 years in the business with 20 years as CEO, has moved into the new role of Executive Chair on the Stuart Alexander Board and sister New Zealand company, Marketing Overseas Imports (MOI).

Former GM sales and marketing Nick Nairn has been appointed CEO of the Australian company.

Mr Nairn has extensive experience in the FMCG space, having previously held senior titles at companies including PepsiCo, Frucor (Suntory), DB Breweries (Heineken). He brings to the company a strong understanding of the challenges and opportunities businesses are facing in today’s highly competitive market, with proven expertise in launching, developing and successfully marketing top Australian brands.

Mr Browne attributed the success of Stuart Alexander & Co to the exceptional team and the “roll-up-your-sleaves approach” culture and is particularly excited about Mr Nairn’s appointment to CEO.

“Nick understands brands, he has the right experience and mindset, he is energetic and charismatic and is a great leader,” Mr Browne said.

“He will continue the business in the same strategic direction, that is, grow the business with new brands, enhance the New Zealand business, maintain our relationships and increase revenues.”

“The decision to move up in the Executive Chair role was not taken lightly.

“I could not have ever imagined getting to the pinnacle of my career and then moving into another space, but the timing was right, and we have the right person who is perfectly poised for the position of CEO“.

“I will serve the Stuart Alexander & Co business as Executive Chair of the Board of Directors with my focus continuing to ensure the business remains on the strategic path with initiatives planned. I will continue to ensure that Nick is given the appropriate support so as to achieve the ambitions of the business including the development and growth of the current and future businesses.

“At the same time I am well-placed to take on additional non-executive roles in ASX or privately unlisted companies and continue my involvement in the NFP space.”

Mr Nairn said his extensive experience in the FMCG space and knowledge of the challenges that face businesses puts him in a good position within the company.

“I am thrilled to be leading Stuart Alexander & Co at this time as it’s proven record in launching, guarding and developing brands in the Australian market is second-to-none,” Mr Nairn said.

“The opportunity to lead a company with the relationships and reputation it has, is irresistible and I look forward to keeping the company in the best possible position for our employees, our customers, our stakeholders and the board.”

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