Summer Fun, Something for Everyone

Nothing is better than Summer Sun, enjoyed outdoors, with good tunes, good company, your sunnies, hat and trusty thongs. Pacific Optics have got you covered.

Summer is the time of the year for memories to be made, weekends spent heading to the coast, lake or a favourite campsite. Everyone is enjoying the season and getting on the road to where they love to go most. Have you got everyone covered? Pacific Optics does. A heritage in Sunglasses means we love summer and bringing the latest styles to your stores. The Australian Sun is harsh so a straw hat could be a trusty companion for a game of cricket by the beach or a weekend fish. Don’t get hot sand burnt feet, you know what we are talking about, with the latest prints and designs in thongs Take your personal sound track with you with a compact Blast Bluetooth speaker or Airbudz Wireless headphones and keep your phone charged to ensure you never miss a chance to capture the moment or grab a call to meet up with your friends. A summer tradition that can’t be beat is the BBQ, why not grab a Gasfoot, a handy device that stops your gas bottle from tipping in the car and also protects that recently stained deck from bottle marks. What’s ever your idea of Summer Fun is there is something for everyone.

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