Sunny Queen breaks new ground with Smashed Egg product

Egg producer, Sunny Queen Australia, has launched Smashed Egg, understood to be one of the first snap frozen, preservative free smashed egg products.

Frozen without seasonings, mayonnaise, sauces or preservatives, Smashed Egg is the brainchild of Sunny Queen’s commercial manufacturing arm, Sunny Queen Meal Solutions.

Sunny Queen Meal Solutions launched its brand new state of the art manufacturing plant in August 2014, investing $23 million into the business venture. Sunny Queen Meal Solutions has since released a range of products over recent months, including its latest, Smashed Egg.

“What we have done is produced a product that is not only made from nothing other than frozen smashed egg, but it is ready to thaw and use in minutes and allows caterers to develop a whole range of customised egg dishes more quickly than ever before,” said Sunny Queen MD, John O’Hara.

“Other products require preservatives to ensure the egg doesn’t discolour and usually have a fairly short shelf life. Additives can also affect the taste, which is why we have worked so hard to come up with a solution to this problem and are so confident that our new preservative free product will be welcomed by the catering industry.

“We know the importance of delivering quality meals in the catering industry; a power packed egg can provide many of the vitamins, minerals and proteins people need, in a tasty appealing way. This new product will enable caterers to provide a greater variety of meal options to their customers, knowing the egg is 100 per cent natural and quick and easy to prepare. We think this will be a game changer for our business.”

Smashed Egg is fully cooked, frozen egg that comes in a free flowing format akin to frozen peas. It can be kept in the freezer until required and once thawed can be used for a wide variety of dishes such as sandwiches, wraps, salads, canapés and more, with the catering staff able to add their own twist with sauces or mayonnaises. Smashed Egg is available only from Sunny Queen Meal Solutions and is suitable for any commercial food provider.

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