Suntory BOSS shows 187% growth through P&C, unveils new variety

Suntory BOSS Coffee has launched its newest instalment, Iced Double Espresso, across petrol and convenience (P&C) stores.

Since launching Suntory BOSS Coffee, it has seen 187 per cent growth in the P&C channel across Australia, and 79 per cent growth in P&C in New Zealand, and Senior Brand Manager Shana Khan believes the Iced Double Espresso will help the category to continue to grow.

“Consumer research identified consumers were looking for a stronger coffee to help get them through their day. Iced Double Espresso was made to do just that, using our Japanese flash brew process, rich Brazilian bean blend, a dash of milk and sugar.”

Khan said that in Japan there are hundreds of coffee products catering to the many ways consumers drink their coffee, and they are looking to replicate that across Australia and New Zealand.

“Given we have our own unique coffee culture in Australia and New Zealand, a key part of launching Suntory BOSS Coffee was identifying the spectrum of coffee that has broad appeal and carries strong coffee credentials.”

The launch will be supported by an integrated social media campaign, leveraging the ‘How Japan Can’ brand communications.

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