Supplier profile C&I 2019 – Carabao Energy Drink

What is the main business of the company?
Carabao Group commercialise Carabao Energy Drink in Australia. Carabao is an international brand with presence in Asia, UK and United States.

What can attendees expect from your stand at the expo?
At the expo, we want to present the retailers to our product and our stronger points in the market, as the less sugar content, different flavors, etc. Our team is very interested to support all retailers with their specific marketing needs and we are always down to have a chat and find solutions that work for both sides.

Is there anything new you can share?
We have some very interesting and exciting projects coming soon for the second semester of the year that we will be announcing really soon.

What are you most looking forward to at the expo?
What we are looking forward the most is to meet new partners, not only retailers, but also other suppliers and products that we can be partners with or learn from their experience, expos are amazing places to connect and learn.
We also want people around to go and try Carabao, as we pride ourselves on our flavours and less sugar content, we would love to hear everyone’s feedback.

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