TabSol Launches Cannabis Derived Terpene Vape

After successfully launching TRIBAL SPIRIT VAPE brand of products, TabSol Australasia has developed  TSVT – Tribal Spirit Vape with Cannabis Derived Terpene as base flavour.

TSV0– Tribal Spirit Vape (Zero Nicotine) is already distributed in Australia and has been popular due to the quality of their Disposable Vape Devices and the flavours. These are available in 15 distinct Flavours targeted at the adult consumer who seek an alternative to smoking.

CDT (Cannabis Derived Terpene) as a base flavour ingredient in e-liquid will provide consumers a legal choice and access to better alternatives if they choose to embark on their pathway to quitting.

TSVT– Tribal Spirit Vapes with CDT meets all legal guidelines the Terpene is of superior quality and does not contain and CBD or THC – the active ingredients that create the “high” that people experience when they use cannabis. However, as the Government has regulated that products containing CBD and THC are to be only sold via approved pharmacy channel. TSVT E-Liquid does not contain these active ingredients and therefore is legal for retailers to sell to their consumers.

Extensive consumer testing of TSVT E-Liquid has demonstrated that the e-liquid has very similar flavour to natural cannabis yet it does not affect the cognitive process. TSVT is available in 4 flavours.

A patent application for TSVT E-Liquid has also been lodged.

TabSol Australasia has also launched the TSV Vape device that is specially calibrated for the TSVT E-Liquid. The rechargeable pod system comes with two refillable / replaceable pods (also available separately). The better quality battery along with the device being especially calibrated with TSVT liquid ensure consistent and quality puffs.

TabSol Australasia is the sole distributor of the TSVT E-Liquids and TSV Vape devices

To Order the TSVT E-Liquids and the TSV Vape pod system contact the TabSol team on 02 90371478, 0413690069, email at You may also wish to register for online orders at .

1 thought on “TabSol Launches Cannabis Derived Terpene Vape”

  1. Isabella Haung

    Feedback from customers is…” this is a great tasting product .
    Despite not having CBD and THC – which makes it legal to be retailers in Australia (except WA) , the taste is similar Cannabis.”

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