Taking softdrinks to new levels

Level Lemonade is taking lemonade to a new level: loaded up with magnesium, Vitamin C and low in sugar it stands out as a healthy alternative to many other offers currently on the market.

Owner and Managing Director of Level Beverages, Chrish Graebner, has become a reasonably well-known “Better For you Beverages” enthusiast in the Australian retail and trade community.

German born Chrish, his small team and partners have always had a passion for sourcing products that are on a different level to what is currently available; something with a truly unique selling proposition. They believe consumers should be able to have less synthetic ingredients and more benefits without compromising on flavour and experience. To date, the company has exclusively distributed natural iced tea brand AriZona and taurine free natural energy drink range 28 Black.

Since April, Chrish and the Level Beverages team have been rolling out nationally their very own LeVel Lemonade range: a new “better for you” soft-drink range taking “lemonade to a new level”!

In one single 300ml bottle Level Lemonade contains a high dose of Magnesium and Vitamin C, whilst still being low in sugar. Available in three flavours: Original Lemon, Lemon&Orange and Lemon&Pineapple, it targets those consumers who enjoy sparkling Lemonade drinks but are unhappy with either their high sugar content (Level Lemonade is 97.5% Sugar Free) or seek and appreciate additional benefits from a beverage. Sighting that 50% of Australians are actually deficient in Magnesium – it is certainly a beverage that will be ticking both those boxes!

Giving its highly innovative nature it comes as little surprise that they have faced a number of challenges along the way but thanks to years of building and maintaining relationships with the right partners (nutritionists, bottlers and key trade supporters) at the core of the development stages, the beverage industry is set to see a new category enter the market.

Australia is the first country in the world to receive this truly innovative soft-drink range with other Asia Pacific and European markets set to follow.

“After spending many years importing from Germany to Australia – it would be great to start exporting from Australia for a change!”

Level Beverages Pty Ltd

83-85 Queen Street
Woollahra, NSW 2025
02 9328 2591

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