Tau Energy Drink is a new player in the energy drink category

Tau Energy Drink has entered the energy drink market and featuring impressive health benefits and an affordable price-point, it’s set to shake things up.

The energy drink comes in a five gram sachet and is added to water to create 250ml of energy drink that offers the same benefits of the ready-to-drink energy drinks but at an affordable price point of RRP $0.99 per sachet or RRP $19.99 for a 48-unit box.

A Tau spokesperson said they hope Tau Energy Drink will become a well-known, nationally enjoyed product and has already secured ranging in over 50 locations, including independent supermarkets, since starting wholesaling in February 2022, and is a Metcash approved supplier.

“The team that brings you Tau Energy Drink has over 60 years combined experience in the powdered soft drink market and have used this insight and experience to deliver a premium powdered energy drink.”

It has received positive feedback from consumers, who especially enjoy the Golden Rush flavour, and its compact and convenient packaging.

Tau hopes to educate consumers that not all energy drinks are unhealthy, as the product is sugar-free and packed full of vitamins such as Vitamin B3 for healthy brain function, B6 for immunity boosting and B2 for maintaining energy levels.

“With our compact and convenient format, it’s so easy to take it with you on the go. Chuck some in your sports bag, toolbox or even in your pocket. Whether you’re working FIFO or night shift, surfing those amazing Aussie waves, playing sport, hitting the gym or just loving life with mates! Tau Energy Drink has you covered.”

The spokesperson said that Tau Energy Drink offers unrivalled returns for retailers, especially when sold as impulse product on checkouts and counter tops.

“Best results are as impulse sales on the checkout near tills, and the 48-unit boxes sell well on the shelf in the energy drink isle.”

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