Testimonials from day one of the 2023 C&I Expo

Feedback from exhibitors from day one of the 2023 C&I Expo has been overwhelmingly positive, and they can’t wait for day two.

“We have exhibited at the C&I Expo for the last 10 years and it is the place to be to capture all of the buyers in one spot, so for us it is a one-stop shop. We have seen everyone from the corporates right through to the single-site operators.” – Wayne Miller, U-Haul Australia

Wayne Miller from U-Haul Australia.

“The C&I Expo is a great opportunity to connect with businesses – you might know the brand but you might not know the people who can take it from a transactional relationship more into a partnership level. It has been a good chance to connect and understand each other’s businesses and unlock further opportunities to grow. We have definitely come to look at new products and our goal is to come away from the show with a couple of nuggets and opportunities that maybe you hadn’t thought of before. There is certainly a couple of new products that I have seen here that we will range in our business as a result of being here at the show.” – Lisa Reid – Sodexo

Lisa Reid, Sodexo

“We have seen all of the majors on the first day of the C&I Expo today – Shell, Ampol, BP and they have been loving our products – and best of all – some of them have already take it up in their stores.” – Frank Genua, RDM Pizza/Grab&Go Pizzetti

Frank Genua, RDM Pizza/Grab&Go Pizzetti

“This is my first time at the expo and it’s been amazing. A great way to connect with new people. It’s definitely expanding the business’s horizons.” – Matthew Wood, SPOS Group

L-R: Andrew Lawrence, Ross Cooke, and Matthew Wood from SPOS Group.

“The feedback from ourselves and every other supplier we’ve spoken to is that it has been a really solid day, with a good amount of people coming through. Some great leads and some great feedback. For day one, a very solid day. Well, worth the attendance.” – Lisa Schilling-Thomson, Tonik

L-R: Lisa Schilling-Thomson and Richie Hugo-Lark from Tonik – Dr V

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