Testimonials from the C&I Expo 2022

“At this stage, the response so far at this year’s C&I Expo has been far better than we have ever had before. The amount of people that have shown interest and we are not talking about the normal one or two site owners. Yesterday we had more than 12 enquiries and this morning on the second day we have already had six – so I would have to say that this year’s Expo has been the most successful I have ever been to. If you want to kick-start your business, this is the place where you want to come.” – Vern Brickman – Adverto & PumpTV Global.

Vern Brickman – Adverto & PumpTV Global

“It has been great to work with UCB to get our coffee into the hands of show attendees. We have missed these opportunities to get together and I am sounding a bit hoarse as I have not stopped talking for the last 24 hours. Attendees to the show have been from far and wide – from a number of sites in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland South Australia and even Tasmania.” – Haydn Tierney – Bowser Bean

Haydn Tierney – Bowser Bean

“Today we have been run off our feet with quality enquiries with a lot of interest from our target market. This has been due to an excellent show combined with excellent advertising in C&I as we have relaunched our product with new branding that is more suitable to our target market. We have seen multi-site operators, service stations, groups who own 300-400 stories as well as food service buyers. All I have to do is to transfer them from enquiries to sales and I’ll be a happy chappy.” – Trevor Hansen, Signature Desserts

Trevor Hansen, Signature Desserts

“It’s been a fantastic two days for us – particularly the quality of the people that have attended and the amount of people. This show has been perfect for the target market and the channels that we expected to be here. We are super excited to the response from our products. P&C is one of the most exciting channels for non-alcoholic, because it has just started really. It will be great to see what the P&C channel can achieve over the next 12 months. We have seen individual stores, corporates and even roadhouses out at Barnsdale in East Gippsland as well as MSO operators in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. This is great opportunity to access the right people in the P&C channel in a really easy and friendly environment. It is easy to get to and a perfect location for the event.” – Justin Harrison, Naked Life

Justin Harrison, Naked Life

“This show has been amount quality over quantity and having really good in-depth conversations with great retailers. I feel like I have done a dozen mini-range reviews here on the spot on the floor of the exhibition – it saves everyone’s time and I can get cans in hands on the spot. We have seen multi-site operators from the convenience banners – one in particular has 600 stores up the Eastern seaboard and was getting into detailed questions about how we are going to supply and costs and the specific of the product which was a great serious and in-depth conversation. It is a great opportunity to get a lot of work done and see a lot of people all at once. The buyers are inquisitive and looking for new products and inspiration. We have people nationally with Perth as the least represented among the buyers in attendance.” – Murray Raeburn, Calm & Stormy

Murray Raeburn, Calm & Stormy

“It has been good to meet a bunch of new potential customers – including multi-site operators in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. It is great that stores are looking for new buying options such as ranging toys or our range of mobile phone accessories for example rather than relying on existing suppliers as they are looking for a point of difference. I have been coming to this show since I was a 10 as my family has been in petrol for 35 years.” – Tal Avrahami, Smooth Wholesales

Tal Avrahami, Smooth Wholesales

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