The daily dose that does you good

Celebrate World Digestive Health Day on May 29 by discovering the daily dose that does you good with The Culture Co probiotic kefir.

A new report by the CSIRO found every year, 50% of Australians experience gut health problems, and 1 in 7 Australian adults experience distressing gut health symptoms which they tend to manage themselves through the elimination of key foods or food groups.1 It’s no surprise then that 40% of Australians report being interested in foods that support gut health.2

The Culture Co are passionate about gut health, and create products that are good for your gut by ensuring that the full product range contains ingredients that are scientifically-proven to provide real health benefits. It’s the daily dose that does you good! The Culture Co is made with a special combination of 13 strains of live cultures, including a probiotic that has been clinically tested, creating a yoghurt that is smooth, delicious, and good for you.

The Culture Co’s full product range contains scientifically proven ingredients that are backed by research, to deliver genuine health benefits.

A daily serve of The Culture Co probiotic kefir not only tastes great, it’s good for your gut as it contains over 1 billion of the probiotic B.Lactis, which improves regularity in adults as part of a balanced diet. The Culture Co probiotic kefir also contains the goodness of protein and calcium, which assist with healthy muscles and bones, and healthy digestive enzyme function, as part of a balanced diet.

This World Digestive Health Day, nutritionist Steph Geddes has partnered with The Culture Co to share a simple message for Aussies hoping to improve their gut health. “It’s fantastic to see Australians becoming increasingly interested in looking after themselves and there’s no time like the present to make a positive change for your health and wellbeing!

“Unfortunately, many people find it tricky to know where to start their health journey. I’ve partnered with The Culture Co to help show people just how simple it can be to create healthy habits that really work.

“This World Digestive Health Day, I’m encouraging you to add one simple step to your daily routine to help improve your gut health. Add a dose of probiotic kefir to your morning smoothie or serve it up in a breakfast bowl with fresh fruit, to enjoy the probiotic benefits. It’s a great choice for people who prefer to get their probiotics from real food, rather than supplements.”

The Culture Co is available at leading supermarkets and convenience retailers across the country, in 1kg and 250g pack sizes.

With Blueberry, Mango and Natural flavours to choose from, there’s a kefir to tempt all taste buds, and a multitude of ways to include this gut loving product in your daily routine.

The Culture Co also partners with The Gut Foundation; because of a shared love for gut health. The Gut Foundation does medical research to better understand the causes of gut problems, better methods of prevention and treatment, and is continually educating the public on the latest findings.

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