The Distributors 2024 Conference: AI with Adam Spencer

Over the course of The Distributors 2024 Conference, TV and radio personality Adam Spencer, delved into the world of AI and how businesses can make use of it right now.

On day one, aboard The Jackson, Spencer gave the audience a brief introduction to AI, outlining its capabilities and what businesses are currently using it for.

From creating original pieces of artwork to passing the California bar exam to creating an engaging and professional slide deck, Spencer captivated the audience with the possibilities of AI and the importance of early adoption.

“If you’re 30 to 50 years old and probably got 20 or 30 more years in the workforce, and this stuff does not come naturally to you, it’s a really interesting time. Because it’s going to radically change pretty much every business and industry going around and it’ll be dangerous not to be on that bus, okay?

“One suggestion for those of you in more mature positions in your organisation who really feel like they can’t reach out and get this. Surround yourself with the younger people in your organisation, because there are people who work for you now who know more about this sort of stuff than you do and probably ever will.”

The second day’s session, saw Spencer give a more hands-on presentation on the use of AI and how businesses are, and can, use it right now. Following a set of questions to the audience, Spencer gauged the AI savviness of the crowd and began showcasing how to make the most of AI in the FMCG sector.

Spencer showed that while many new AI systems may be daunting, such as AI created avatars of people, they can be useful, such as feeding the AI avatar of a CEO or other business leader a script to read instead of booking in the time to physically read it.

Attendees also saw the potential of AI to create a brand-new FMCG product. In under ten minutes, Spencer created a new chocolate for a specific target market based on current consumer trends. The chocolate had  fully designed packaging, complete with a marketing strategy.

The overarching message was that the potential of AI is incredible and will only continue to get better. While it may seem intimidating now, it is better to get onboard and start familiarising yourself with the new technology than risk being left behind.

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