The new brand of C-store

A new sort of convenience store has opened up in Denver, Choice Market, the kind that sells that sandwiches, as well as pasta, milk and fruits and vegetables 24 hours a day.

The store also sells beer and kombucha on tap, with an interior featuring white subway tiles, reclaimed wood and other sustainable design practices.

This 2,700 square foot C-store is larger than the average and is a carefully-designed conglomerate of convenience and supermarket.

This store follows a trend of a new brand of C-stores, stores that are open long hours and use the small space available to them to offer a wide range of options. Dinner can be purchased and eaten and friends can be met for coffee all in the comfort a stylishly designed interior.

The founder of one such store Green Zebra Grocery Lisa Sedlar said: “People will come in and say this isn’t a convenience store”.

“And I say, ‘Of course it is.’ We are redefining what it means to be a convenience store in America,” she said.

Green Zebra’s target audience is frequent shoppers who don’t have the want or the time to go to the supermarket.

The store currently has three stores, with a fourth set to open in 2019, while Choice Market is in the process of getting its second store open in 2019.

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