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The rumours are true – Tasty Toobs are back!

Following months of speculation, the team at Smith’s have announced that the much-loved Aussie snack Tasty Toobs are returning to Australian shelves from Tuesday 27 July.

More than six years have passed since Tasty Toobs were on supermarket shelves, and fans around the country have been petitioning for its return ever since.

Melburnian couple Bradley Lowdell and Stephanie Payne launched the Facebook group Bring Back TOOBS in 2015, which has grown to a community of more than 24,000 die-hard fans. They have rallied the troops to campaign and petition, resulting in more than 10,000 signatures to call for Tasty Toobs to return to shelves.

“Seeing your favourite snack disappear is devastating and we knew we had to battle to get them back on shelves. We created the page to create a community of Toobs lovers and campaign to help us in our battle,” said Lowdell and Payne.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of support for the page and getting Toobs back on shelves. It’s an honour to think that we had an impact in bringing Australia’s favourite snack back.”

Vandita Pandey, CMO PepsiCo ANZ, said: “We have been overwhelmed with the support from Bradley, Stephanie and Toobs super fans around Australia. Our team has been working around the clock for quite some time to ensure the return of Toobs. It’s been a labour of love and we’re just as excited as our fans that they are finally back.

“We’re thrilled to finally share the exact on-shelf launch date with Australia so our loyal consumers can once again enjoy them.”

Tasty Toobs will be available in 35g and 150g size bags and will start to flow into 7-Eleven stores nationally from Tuesday, 27 July. They will then be available at all supermarkets, independent retailers and petrol and convenience stores nationally from Monday 2 August.

Smith’s is also launching a Keep-O-Meter which will track the performance of Tasty Toobs and see how much Aussies are loving them, to ensure they don’t go anywhere again anytime soon.

11 thoughts on “The rumours are true – Tasty Toobs are back!”

  1. Brendan roberts

    I am so so happy I love toons. Thank you so much Smith’s for bringing them back. You guys are legends.

  2. Lorraine Norberry

    Hi just letting you know not very happy at all you go and shop at Coles and wools there is none on the self at all.I think they should bring them out a bit longer then a few days do every one can buy them and have them on special to

  3. What a joke. People buy them in bulk and sell them for ridiculously inflated prices. You guys at smiths knew it would be a hit.

    Meet your supply and demand so EVERYONE can get some.

  4. I don’t get out alot due to my health, I cannot walk much! When I have been to Coles or Woolworths there’s none there..this is sooo frustrating as I cannot go to the shops willy nilly and would love to get just a couple of packets!!

  5. Please bring them back full time there obviously popular I remember them back in the 80s and love them so much ????

  6. Darrin Richards

    No surprise that there has been no comments here explaining why there is no Toobs in the supermarkets. Pretty disappointing. As like most people, we have not seen them for sale yet there is a spot on the shelf at Woolworths. Apparently they only get 1 box at a time. Really, you must be kidding yourselves

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