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Tic Tac encourages small acts of kindness with new range

Tic Tac has launched a new limited-edition range of its iconic mints, which encourage consumers across Australia and New Zealand to share small acts of kindness with each other.

Each limited-edition mint features a kind word, which Aussies and Kiwis can combine to create heart-warming messages to share with others.

Azzurra Puricelli, Senior Marketing Manager for Tic Tac, says: “We’ve been helping Australians stay fresh for more than 50 years. Now, with so much change in the world, we want to help them share little mo-mints of kindness as well.

“We hope Aussies and Kiwis will love creating short messages to share with their family and friends in a unique (and tasty) way.”

Recent research from the Australian Red Cross found nine in 10 Australians believe there needs to be more kindness spread every day. Other research, conducted by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, has outlined that with just one act of kindness you can reduce anxiety and boost both your own and the person you’re assisting’s mood.

The limited-edition Tic Tac little mo-mint collection is now available in supermarkets and convenience stores across Australia and New Zealand.

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