Tim-Tam teams up with gelato kings

The team from Gelato Messina went through an extensive process of experimentation to produce the four new Tim-Tam flavours. Source: Arnotts

Gourmet dessert manufacturer Gelato Messina has joined with Arnott’s to launch a new range of Tim-Tam chocolate biscuits.

The four new variants are based on some of Gelato Messina’s signature flavours, which include Choc Mint, Black Forest, Salted caramel and Vanilla, and Coconut and Lychee.

A statement from Arnott’s said the Gelato Messina culinary team was taken “into the secret kitchens of its famed bakeries” to be taught the art and science of producing Tim-Tams.

Gelato Messina co-founder Declan Lee said he felt excited and privileged to have been approached by Arnott’s.

“It was a new challenge for us – making a gelato is one thing – and making a biscuit that tastes like that gelato is another,” he said.

“Tim-tam emailed us and asked to speak to someone in marketing, so we assumed they were going to send us a nasty cease and desist letter, and tell us to stop making our Tim-Tam Slam flavor.

“But what they did was they wanted us to start testing to see if we could make some Tim-Tam flavours, which was pretty exciting, and quite a privilege.”

Arnott’s has released a video showing some of the creative process and challenges Gelato Messina’s team went through to produce the new flavours; spending hours at Tim Tam’s Western Sydney HQ, working with food technicians, tasting rounds of gelato, mapping out sequences of the desired flavours to create biscuit versions of their signature gelatos.

A spokesperson for Arnott’s said the “new generation” of Tim Tam was one of the most exciting and innovative yet.

“Gelato Messina is leading the way in the Aussie gelato movement, and we’re thrilled to pair their expertise with Australia’s most-loved chocolate biscuit,” she said.

“We were drawn to the guys from Messina because of their uncompromising commitment to flavours. We’re happy to say this shines through in the biscuits, which taste as good as they sound.”

The new Tim Tam Inspired by Gelato Messina range will be available at supermarkets and independent retailers in the biscuit aisle nationally from 6th February, 2017.

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