Tim Tam’s gift to Aussies abroad

With more than 25,000 Australian being stuck abroad for the Christmas holidays, Tim Tam has decided to send a taste of Australia to them in the shape of a Tim Tam Care Package.

A survey of 1,014 adult Australians showed that six in 10 said that Tim Tam biscuits would be the snack they would miss the most if they were stuck abroad, followed by Cheezels and Dunkaroos.

So, this gave the team at Tim Tam the idea to fulfil the Christmad wishes of 100 Australians with a care package.

The care packages will include a Christmas wrapped pack of Tim Tam Original biscuits, a reusable hot beverage cup, a chocolate scented Tim Tam candle, and a pair of warm and fuzzy Tim Tam socks.

To enter, Aussies can just hear to the Tim Tam Facebook or Instagram pages and nominate themselves or friends and family by commenting on the post.

Matt Grant, Tim Tam’s Marketing Manager, said: “The holidays are a time when we’re usually able to connect with our families and indulge in our favourite treats. Unfortunately, there are those who are unable to make it back to Australia this year and are feeling homesick.

“Aussies love a Tim Tam for its indulgent taste, but also because our bsicuits remind them of home. So, we hope that by fulfilling a few treat-sized wishes, we’re able to help those who are afar feel more connected to their loved ones this festive season.”

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