Tip Top launches new Sandwich Thins

The new Tip Top Sandwich Thins.

Tip Top has released its newest lunch-time innovation, Sandwich Thins, into the Australian market.

The new light and thin bread option is set to provide Australians with a versatile lunch option.

This unique offering is suitable for topping, filling and toasting and is available in three varieties including wholemeal with a 4.5 health star rating and original and lightly seeded, both with a 4 star health rating.

Tip Top senior brand manager Susan Tahmasian said the range was developed in response to a growing customer demand for lighter lunchtime offerings and greater variety.

“Sandwiches will always be Australia’s go-to lunch option, but there are occasions where we want to experiment or enjoy something different,” she said.

“Not only are Tip Top Sandwich Thins a welcome and versatile addition to the segment, they are also a smart choice for people who love the texture and appearance of bread but want a softer, lighter lunch.”

Following the success of Sandwich Thins in the UK where they continue to be an important part of the bakery market and one of the biggest drivers of growth in the sandwich alternatives category, Tip Top saw that the Australian sandwich alternatives category also showed a segment growth of 7.7 per cent year-on-year and an opportunity to continue this growth.

Ms Tahmasian said Tip Top were proud and excited to be bringing innovation into Australia.

“We expect the range to be a big a hit with Aussie shoppers who are always on the lookout for something new and different,” she said.

Tip Top marketing and innovation director Graeme Culter said Tip Top had been a family favourite for over 50 years.

“…We are very excited to be launching a totally new product that the whole family will love,” he said.

“Tip Top Sandwich Thins provide the softness and taste of bread people love, with the lightness and variety people are looking for.

“The launch of Tip Top Sandwich Thins provides the innovation in the aisle that will inspire our consumers and customers, and reverse the declining per capita consumption that is the core challenge of the bakery category in Australia.”

Tip Top Sandwich Thins contain only 99 calories per serve, making them a strong competitor in the bread and sandwich alternative categories.

11 thoughts on “Tip Top launches new Sandwich Thins”

  1. Where are these made? Why do you refer to calories and not the Aus standard of kilojoules?

  2. These are not lighter! with more calories per slice than average slices of bread of their own varieties. Another example of manufacturers and corporate big boys leading people astray when they are trying to watch their food intake for the sake of profit and under the guise of helping people. GET REAL TIP TOP.

  3. I have been eating the wholemeal sandwich thins for a few months now and I love them. I have them fresh or toasted and I find they are so much lighter than normal bread. I was dubious buying the Wholemeal at first, as I have never been a fan of wholemeal bread. But the wholemeal thins are delicious and I really enjoy the taste. I keep mine in the freezer and find they defrost just fine. Although, if they were to come in a resealable bag I would probably not have to freeze them at all.

  4. Hi, I live in Hobart Tasmania and when I am in Melbourne or Brisbane I bulk buy Tip Top sandwich thins and bring back to Tassy. I cannot find anywhere in Tasmania where I can buy the sandwich thins.. I really love them and I was wondering if they are going to be sold in Tassy anytime soon. I am sure they will sell very well over here.

    Kind regards
    Julie Arnott

  5. Hi Julie,

    I need to buy my groceries on a weekly basis and would love to freeze the Tip Top Sandwich Thins.
    Are yours good after defrosting?
    On the packaging it states ” Freezing not recommended ”

    Maggie Lacey

  6. I have also bought them in Queensland and Melbourne to freeze because I can’t get them in Tassie, have now ran out and want more

  7. Christine Brooks

    I live in Tasmania and cannot get the sandwich thins anywhere , I have purchased many packets when in Victoria and freeze them but as I won’t be going anywhere in the near future I was wondering if a box of them can be sent to my address.

  8. Hi Christine,

    TipTop would be your best contact for this, their customer service number is 1800 645 515 and is free of cost within Australia. Thanks, C&I.

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