Toberlone change: Mountain or molehill?

Images of the iconic Swiss chocolate bar, Toblerone, with widened the spaces between its triangle-shaped segments caused a stir on social media as well as concerns about the future of the bar in Australia.

The ABC reported that many consumers were livid at the “perceived sleight of hand” and the “change to the traditional look of the treat” saying it remained unclear whether or not the new bar will be sold in Australia.

Australian consumers need not fear, a spokesperson for Mondelēz International told C&I Week: “The 150g bar that has been referenced in media is produced for UK discounters. It is distributed almost exclusively via the discounter Poundland in the UK.”
The Australian 360g Toblerone bar remains fundamentally the same shape. This bar was resized from 400g to 360g and has been available in Australia since May 2016.

Earlier this year the company reduced the weight of its 400g bar which is available world-wide. The revised 360g bar has been in Australian stores since May. While the weight of this bar has been reduced, the shape fundamentally remains the same.

“The change is due to a number of factors, including higher commodity costs – which have been a challenge across the industry for some time – and a change in foreign exchange rates, which led to a considerable production cost increase in Switzerland where the bar is manufactured.

“We ultimately had to make these changes to maintain the quality and affordability of the bar for our Toblerone fans, and can assure you that the recipe hasn’t changed,” the spokesperson said.

Phew! Australian fans of Toblerone can rest easy, although it may be hard not to sneak a peak (no pun intended) at some of the social media images.

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