Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse opens with a World Record claim

Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse has opened at the Highpoint Shopping Centre in Maribyrnong, Melbourne.

The store boasts a massive range of treats and sweets, including what owner Adiel Ben Karmona believes will soon be certified as the Guinness World Record’s largest Pick ‘N’ Mix aisle, with over 1000 sweets to choose from.

Ben Karmona said they wanted to create an experience that is like no other here in Australia or the world.

“Tom’s is more than just a lolly store; we want to be a place that inspires anyone who walks through our doors to bring some fun to their lives. Tom’s motto will always be to come for the experience we offer – the candy is a bonus.”

The 1200 m2 store is full of epic photo opportunities throughout, including the incredible centrpiece of the store, a giant human claw machine in which daring customers are strapped in and lowered into a pit of candy where they can keep what they can carry.

There is also a talking tree with AI built-in, a massive T-Rex dinosaur that moves and roars, as well as the Simpsons Family sitting on a couch that prompts customers to take a photo and post it to their socials for a free gift.

Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse goal is simple: to provide a massive range of confectionery and provide ‘retailtainment’ where customers are treated to an immersive experience.

Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse is located at Highpoint Shopping Centre, Level 2, 120-200 Rosamond Rd, Maribyrnong, and is open Mon-Fri: 10am-10pm, Sat: 8am-8pm, Sun: 8am-6pm.

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