TONIK PRO – The Best Protein RTDs in Australia

TONIK is the solution for “On the Go” Aussies, Aussies who are determined and want to live a Healthier & Happier life, this means what they eat, and what they drink, not only at home but when they are working, out and about, and doing leisure activities, these are the times when it is easy to snack and consume unhealthy foods & beverages.

The typical consumer of TONIK RTDs sits in the Active and Lifestyle category, which makes up approximately 49% women, and 51% men, consumer ages range from 18 right through to 60+ for both men and women, a total of 75% of lifestyle/active consumers have bought and consumed RTDs.

TONIK was born and launched in the middle of the 1st covid lockdown, literally.

Halo Food Co, (previously known as Omniblend), has been the No 1 Go-To Australian manufacturer of Sports Nutrition, Health & Wellness products for more than 20 years, they saw a RTD quality gap in the S&D category, so then began to develop with their R&D team an RTD that would be the best tasting, highest quality, cleanest ingredients, and superior functionality.

First, the Halo in-house Product Development Team created their own Proprietary Protein Blend, they then developed the 6 delicious flavours we see today.

Chocolate, Choc Honeycomb, Banana, Strawberry, Coffee, and Vanilla.

This very special blending is the key to a creamy smooth texture & exquisite, delicious taste.

All the RTDs have Natural Flavors & Colours, they are High in Protein, Natural Fiber, Low Carbs, Low Sugar, Low Fat and are GLUTEN FREE and GMO Free.

In Melbourne, Halo has their Brooklyn manufacturing plant, where their RTDs are made. They have a State of the Art, Aseptic filling line, a Proprietary Multi Step Cold Micro Filtration process which retains all nutrients, natural fibres, vitamins and minerals.

Life is about balance, enjoy the special treats you love on occasion, but for all of those “On the Go” moments, pick up a TONIK RTD, a guilt free pleasure.

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