The top trends successfully driving convenience in 2017

Throughout 2017 we’ve seen customer behaviour and trends be the driving change within the convenience sector internationally.

And with the influence of overseas markets brings great opportunities for the Australian convenience sector. In the US and UK there is a huge shift with forecourt and convenience businesses starting to lead the way in experimenting with new store formats, new services and products. Gone are the days of simply offering traditional convenience products to customers. The range of products sold is broadening to meet the changing needs of consumers who are looking for fresh, healthy, food-to-go and food-for-later. Technology is also playing its part, enhancing the way customers engage and interact with the channel. What this means is there is huge potential to increase your customers experience by offering more. Things like barrister made coffee, fresh food and juices are what is selling well and increasing repeat business.

Coffee is king.

Coffee is a customer favourite and is a ‘draw card’ in convenience to drive customer traffic, encourage repeat traffic and increase their basket size by purchasing complimentary products.

Food for now, Food for later.

Product innovation is providing food solutions for time poor customers.
With creations of ready to eat or food to go solutions that taste great, and are great value for money.

Healthy Options.

There is a growing need to cater for the healthy customer with fresh fruit and healthy food alternatives.

Easy order mobile apps. 

When you order, how you order and where you order from is fast becoming the norm for customers wanting payment convenience, ease of ordering and speed of service.

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