Treat your customer to an experience by planogramming your outlet for the festive season.

By planogramming your retail space the right way you could see substantial impact on how successfully your business trades throughout the festive season. A well planned space will get a customer to think about other items they may want in addition to the products they are needing to buy.

Create a shopping experience that embraces the spirit of the season.

Christmas is the perfect time to demonstrate difference, people usually plan their shopping, so maximise on their time in-store. One way to do this is by offering samples, activating other senses like taste and smell can lead to impulse purchases.

Increase basket size during the key trading period. 

Create a one stop opportunity for shoppers to fulfill their Christmas   needs. Have your Christmas range bundled together to encourage   cross-selling. For instance if they’re looking for Christmas cards,  
also place the sticky tape, scissors and small gifts in the same area.

Planogram your store to ‘upsell’ customers.

To upsell customers you need to demonstrate difference by doing the following:

  • Stock a high quality range of products
  • Offer inspiration as 2 out of 3 shoppers actively look for inspirational ideas in store

Christmas Trading made easy.


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