Twining’s announces new morning tea design

Carrie Bickmore’s winning packaging design.

Carrie Bickmore has won the Twinings Design Challenge, with her packaging design for the new Morning Tea variety winning by popular vote.

In accordance with the competition Ms Bickmore’s own charity, Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer, will receive 10 cents from every packaging of Morning Tea sold with her design on it.

The packaging design will remain on the box and on shelves in stores over the next four years, continuing to raise funds and awareness for the fight against brain cancer.

Ms Bickmore said she was “stoked” to have won with her design, The Dancer, which was inspired by her childhood experiences.

“First I had a couple of other ideas, what is something that means something to me and represents something to me? So I tried to draw a woman on a beach looking at her children in the ocean and then I tried to draw a woman hugging her kids,” she said.

“Then I remembered a photo of me when I was an awkward teenager, I photo I’d kept of me dancing when I did ballet and I thought ‘oh ill get that out…I’ll try and do something with that’.

“Music and dance was always a massive part of my life, I was a ballet dancer as a child, and I’m always the first and last on the dance floor.

“I thought music and movement would be something Australian women can all relate to.”

Ms Bickmore also expressed her delight at being able to support and raise necessary funds for her charity.

“The money raised from the sale of the Twinings packs will go to my charity Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer, it’s an incredible opportunity for our foundation and it’s going to raise some desperately needed funds for brain cancer,” she said.

“1600 people roughly will be diagnosed each year with brain cancer and 10 out of 12 people will not survive five years after diagnosis.”

Ms Bickmore also said that brain cancer research only received four per cent of federal health funding.

“That’s why it relies on corporations, people like Twinings and people like you and I to do what we can because it’s not coming in through any other avenues.”

Thousands of votes were cast across the entrants, with runners-up designs entitled Flower, Dots, and Beach designed by Nicole Kidman, Samantha Harris and Emma Freedman respectively.

Twinings Australia brand director Audrey Green said the company wanted to celebrate 300 years of women and Twinings tea.

“We’re proud that all those centuries ago Thomas Twining opened the world’s first teahouse to welcome women,” she said.

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