Two industry bodies merge to strengthen newsagents and lottery retailers

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The Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association (ALNA) and the Lottery Retailers Association (LRA) have merged to become the only ACCC-authorised national body representing all newsagents, distributors and lottery retailers in every state and territory. This unites the industry and gives an even stronger and broader representative to support, negotiate for, collectively bargain for, strengthen and advocate for them.

Ben Kearney, CEO of the Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association, said, “Running a small business is tough, but when done well it is hugely rewarding and beneficial to our nation’s economy. Every small business should have someone in their corner, and as a combined force, Australia’s newsagents, distributors, and lottery retailers know that we are proactive and in their corner.

“As the national body and the largest representative for Australia’s newsagents, distributors, and lottery retailers, we will be building on the successes and momentum that the Lottery Retailers Association and the Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association have experienced in affiliation together.

Gary Carter, CEO of the Lottery Retailers Association, said, “Together we have already negotiated for better remuneration from Tabcorp for our members, we have fought to see lottery betting banned in Australia, and we have provided guidance, support and advocacy for our member to help them grow their businesses. Both organisations bring together a wealth of expertise and experience, and we look forward to benefiting our members’ businesses as one team.”

The merger has been progressed on mutually beneficial terms and in the best interests of members of the association. The organisations branding will merge over time, while combining of staff and management has been effective immediately. Gary Carter, CEO of LRA, will take on the positions of General Manager of Victoria, and the national role of General Manager, Lotteries.

Mr Kearney explained, “Our industry needs unity so we can meet the challenges our members face to improve their profitability and to future-proof the industry. That is what this merger brings. In addition, it capitalises on the complementary strengths of both organisations, to bring greater value and impact to our members who are Australia’s largest independent retail and home delivery group.”

The merger further unites the industry and it builds on ALNA’s other recent mergers in February this year with Lottery Agents Queensland (LAQ) and the merger with the Lottery Agents Association of Tasmania (LAAT) last year.

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