Typo on protein ball packaging

Two Australian models have been left embarrassed after customers found typos on the packaging of their protein ball products.

A customer pointed out that the word ‘doughnut’ had been spelled as ‘doghnut’ on one product, and ‘beetroot’ was spelled as ‘betroot’ on another.

The ‘Keep it Cleaner’ brand owned by Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw is available in supermarkets and selected convenience stores.

Ms Henshaw told Daily Mail Australia they were “really embarrassed by these mistakes”.

“But as human beings mistakes are a part of life and these things happen,” she said, News.com.au reported.

“We will use all of the misprinted packaging before we use the new version. A “doghnut” ball is just as good as a “doughnut” one … we promise,” Ms Henshaw told the Daily Mail.

A new packaging approval process has since been implemented.


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