Tyrrells crisps acquires Australia’s Yarra Valley Snack Foods

UK premium crisp supplier Tyrrells has made its first international acquisition after buying Australian snacks firm Yarra Valley Snack Foods last week for an undisclosed sum, just 15 months after Tyrrells crisps launched in Australia.

The acquisition provides the opportunity to accelerate the growth of the Tyrrells brand in the local market and in Asia and it’s the first Tyrrells manufacturing base to be located outside the UK.

The move by the UK’s fastest growing hand-cooked premium crisp brand comes two years after Tyrrells’ sale to Investcorp in 2013. Tyrrells is based on a farm in the English county of Herefordshire.

Lilydale, Victoria-based Yarra Valley Snack Foods consolidated its manufacturing facilities at the site over the last few years and also supplies products to the Woolworths Macro label.

The snack food company has been headed up for the past 15 years by managing director and owner Andrew Blain, a former Lion Nathan and Frito Lay executive.

Yarra Valley Snack Foods started in 1988 and became certified organic in 2006. It produces a large range of vegetable-based, natural, organic and gluten free snacks under brands such as Thomas Chipman, Hole-Sum, Mexicana, Puff-Os, and Goody Goody Popcorn.

Following the successful launch of Tyrrells in Coles supermarkets in April 2014, the company is now established in over 37 countries. Global markets make up approximately 25% of its turnover, while the brand is growing at 30% a year.

David Milner, Tyrrells CEO said: “We are delighted to be investing in Australian manufacturing. Our hand-cooked crisps have been extremely well received in Australia, where consumers value well-made food with provenance”.

Managing director of Yarra Valley Snack Foods Andrew Blain said that the alignment between Tyrrells Potato Crisps and Yarra Valley Snack Foods is positive news for the food manufacturing industry in Australia. “We are extremely excited by the opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to working with the team at Tyrrells,” he said.

Tyrells Poshcorn

22 thoughts on “Tyrrells crisps acquires Australia’s Yarra Valley Snack Foods”


    Having bought your product from Coles [Chips} i have got to be honest and say i won’t be buying any more. I found them to be extremely hard and i was wondering whether they were made from wood and not potato . I am sorry if this sounds a bit harsh but i was very disappointed in the product , and i do realise it is hard to please everyone .

  2. Personally, I love Tyrrells crisps (the lightly Sea Salted ones)! After eating them, I find other brands too salty. Also, I like the fact that they are ‘harder’ (I’d say ‘crunchier’) than other brands.

  3. I and my friends love Tyrells lightly salted chips. However, when I went into Coles Bairnsdale today to buy my regular amount there is a sign saying that they are out of stock and are not getting them again. They have been discontinueD. WHY ?????

  4. I too really like Tyrrell’s Chips, mainly because they ARE hard and lightly salted, I find other chips far too salty. However they will not last as they are too expensive – $4.50 for 150g – I don’t think so. I am presently snapping them up for $2.10 as they clear the shelves at my local stores. After my stash is gone I won’t be buying any at the highly inflated “normal” price

  5. here in Perth I was able to buy them for $4.20 for 150g and sometimes two or three for $4.20 before none stocked – now they’re made in Australia and the price is $4.65 for 50g

  6. ah that’s 150g not 50 plus I failed to mention the lightly sea salted crunchy crisps are well worth their price —

  7. Tyrrells Lightly Salted crisps that were originally made in the U.K. were simply delicious. The Tyrrells now being made in Aust are not as consistent and are far too salty and overly oily and darker looking. They are not so enjoyable as a favourite snack any longer I’m afraid, and not worth the high price now.

  8. The Australian made Lightly Salted are not the same and not as good as the crisps from the UK, there is more fat and they are not as crunchy, There is now no reason to prefer Tyrrell’s over the leading Australian brands except perhaps the lower salt content. I also just tasted the honey soy chicken and will definitely not be purchasing them again, they are far too salty with an overall unpleasant flavor and too much fat. Why dose it not come to the attention of Australian manufacturers that consumers are sick of overly salty products, just look at the other comments here, the low salt products get the best reviews!

  9. Well I’m a Tyrrell by blood and l love them just saying to my husband once l start l can’t put them down

  10. Just got to try the aussie lightly salted..uhm…they were very salty. The flavour in general wasn’t the same as the uk ones. Pretty disappointed.The price should come down as they aren’t anything special anymore.

    Won’t be buying again unless i find the UK ones (which is highly doubtful).

  11. having just purchased the cider vinegar flavour I thought the pack was stale as it tasted different. I checked the pack which now shows that they are now made in Australia not the UK. it’s very disappointing that they quality and flavour has been tampered with. It’s a.bit like Cadbury changing their recipe and they destroyed their brand and market share.

  12. I love the chips. They are fantastic. I really enjoy all the flavours ands struggle to put down a packet intill the contents are licked clean. Keep up the great work.

  13. I’ve bought Tyrrells chips numerous times at Coles in the past knowing they we made in England & loved them, but last week my wife bought them at Coles but they tasted different & l realised that they are now made in Australia and they taste like crap, won’t be buying them anymore. Pissed off……………………….

  14. Best ever crisps !! coming from the UK I was always a fan of the Walkers crisps brand however Tyrell’s surpasses Walkers and all other brands in terms of balance o flavour and crunch. Simply brilliant with an ale or beer. Love it !

  15. Best ever crisps !! coming from the UK I was always a fan of the Walkers crisps brand however Tyrell’s surpasses Walkers and all other brands in terms of balance o flavour and crunch. Simply brilliant with an ale or beer. Love it

  16. Great chips, but only buy them when on special however disapointed you brought Yarra Vally Snack foods, another good Australian company down the drain . Won’t be buying them any more

  17. Katherine Bamford

    Love your chips I prefer veg beetroot parsnip and carrot only problem is not being able to stop eating the whole packet

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