UK supermarkets could face impulse confectionery ban

UK supermarkets could be forced to stop displaying confectionery at point of sale in a government led move to curb the nation’s rising obesity levels.

The Guardian has reported Downing Street is in the process of drafting a range of policies aimed at improving public health, including promoting healthier food choices.

The publication reports one of these being considered is banning supermarkets from displaying impulse-buy confectionery and other ‘unhealthy’ food, which is a large driver of sales for chocolate and sugar confectionery.

Other suggestions cited by The Guardian include ending bundle buy promotions on unhealthy food.

Increasing taxes on ‘junk foods’, such as sugary drinks, appear not to be among the measures, nor is reducing product advertising.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s own experience with COVID-19 appears to be a factor in the push, according to the media outlet, who said Mr Johnson believed his weight may have been a contributing factor in his rapid decline and ICU stint.More than 64 per cent of adults in England are considered overweight and close to 30 per cent are obese.

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