V Fresh juice pop-up

The V Fresh pop-up at Central Station.

V Energy has set up a fresh juice pop-up bar at Sydney’s Central Station.

The V Fresh store was designed to give commuters an energy hit with its range of freshly beverages made on the spot, each one containing a natural energy boost from a shot of guarana.

The South American berry is used in many energy drinks as it provides a powerful source of energy for the consumer.

Each drink available at the pop-up has been inspired by the flavours incorporated into V Energy drinks.

The V Fresh beverage options include:

  • Hustle – guarana, raw cacao, banana, hazelnut, vanilla protein and coconut water
  • Zest Friends Shot – guarana, lemon, agave syrup, cayenne pepper
  • Hail Kale – guarana, cucumber, apple, kale, ginger and lemon
  • Touch of Tart – guarana, mixed berries, coconut water, banana
  • V Unplugged – guarana, lemon, green apple, red apple
  • GO J – guarana, orange  o Amazonian Agua – guarana, spring water

The flavours will rotate throughout the week, and each drink will be blended in front of the customer’s eyes so they can see exactly what ingredients are going in to their freshly made drink. Prices range from $2-$3.50.

V Fresh will be at Central Station on the corner of Lee Street and Ambulance Avenue at Railway Square until Friday 9 March.


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