V rotational flavour Mr Bootleg’s Sour Tonic available soon

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Mr Bootleg’s Sour Tonic is the exciting new rotational flavour from energy drink brand V.

Combining the hugely successful ‘Massive Hit of V’ Mr Bootleg’s Sour Tonic also delivers to consumers desire for new and unusual taste sensations.

Karl Davies, V senior marketing manager said: “With people travelling more and being exposed to different taste sensations consumers pallets are changing and they are seeking new, interesting taste experiences. With this flavour we’re really happy to be able to deliver this whilst still achieving a really accessible taste that will appeal to a mass market.”

V’s flavours are now a regular fixture in the NPD calendar and for good reason, the V brand dominates this space accounting for more than 50 per cent share of flavours1 driving category growth by $6.5 million in the last two years.

So why are these rotational flavours so important? Mr Davies explains: “The V rotational flavours play a key role in engaging the heavy shoppers. These shoppers are regularly buying energy drinks and the new news keeps them interested & coming back for more, driving value for retails through this profitable category.”

V’s Mr Bootleg’s Sour Tonic will be available from August 22, 2016, and is supported by a  range of in store POS.

V Energy will be exhibiting at the C&I Expo on August 17-18 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. To register to attend the C&I Expo, click here.

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1: IRI Scan data 2 yrs to 01/5/16

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