V2food adds Soulara and MACROS

Soulara and MACROS’ recent acquisition by v2food marks a significant milestone for the expansion of healthier, plant-based eating solutions. v2food, Australia’s leader in plant-based protein products, aims to enhance its portfolio with Soulara’s vegetable-based meals and MACROS’ goal-oriented dishes to create a comprehensive range that addresses the entire spectrum of consumer needs around plant-based diets.

Soulara is Australia’s favourite plant-based ready meal service. Specialising in vibrant and flavourful dishes, each meal is carefully balanced to provide maximum nutrition with farm fresh ingredients and healthy whole foods.

MACROS boast a selection of over 45 ready meals spanning 15 cuisines, ensuring a diverse diet that doesn’t skimp on convenience or taste. With macro-optimised meals using quality ingredients, MACROS is tailored for everyone from the fitness enthusiast to the busy professional, offering healthy eating with zero hassle.

Together, Soulara and MACROS provide a premium selection of ready-made meals that cater to the growing need for convenience, whilst also attracting

more health-conscious consumers. With something to please every palate, this range helps to position convenience stores as go-to destinations for quality, nutritious meals on the go.

Says Nathaniel Tupou, General Manager ANZ from v2food “The trend around convenience is not going away, and as more consumers look to reduce their meat intake we expect that consumers’ demand for quality, tasty nutritionally balanced plant-based meals will increase.

“Through MACROS and Soulara, we can offer a versatile, delicious range that suits these changing dietary preferences.”

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