Val Morgan ‘Going Viral’ with expansion in P&C

Val Morgan Outdoor (VMO) has expanded its offering of the existing On-the-go TV outdoor segment, ‘Going Viral’.

The ‘Going Viral’ segment will add to the already expansive footprint of over 500 locations equal to almost 3000 screens; these screens have a total monthly audience of over 12 million drivers.

The On-the-go network consists of On-the-go TV outdoor digital units and On-the-go Extra portrait screens at the entry of c-stores.

VMO managing director Anthony Deeble said VMO On-the-go TV has seen success through its ability to engage a large audience for up to four minutes.

“Our Extra product is positioned to capture impulse buyers and drive sales in convenience stores,” he said.

“By the end of 2017 we plan to have 4,000 digital screens in 700 locations. Beyond the raw numbers we are committed to working with our partners to ensure we’re helping them provide the forecourt of the future.”

The new segment ‘Going Viral’ is a 15 second piece of viral content. The content line up also expands to include ‘Movie of the Week’, ‘Weather’ and other engaging segments.

VMO’s management system Digital Outdoor Audience in Real Time (DART) has shown that On-the-go TV has an active user engagement level of over 80 per cent.

VMO’s outdoor On-the-go network is one of Australia’s fastest growing in the P&C network.



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