Vale 7-Eleven Australia co-owner Beverley Barlow

Beverley Barlow, co-owner of 7-Eleven Australia, has passed away over the weekend.

Ms Barlow is survived by her husband and three children, as well as her brother Russ Whithers, with whom she set up the 7-Eleven business in Australia in 1977.

Mr Whithers took the brunt of the fallout from the wage underpayment scandal that rocked the company over the past couple of years.

Ms Barlow shared her half of the $1.5 billion company with her husband Mr Doug Barlow, Fairfax reported.

A spokesperson for 7-Eleven said there was no official statement about Ms Barlow, or any information about the future of her stake in the business.

The business also included the Starbucks chain in Australia and several commercial property holdings.

Ms Barlow’s son Chris Barlow is the only family member to remain on the board of 7-Eleven Australia, following Russ Whithers’ resignation in October 2015.


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