Vegemite launches limited-edition retro jars

Vegemite has launched three limited-edition jars paying homage to its long history ahead of its 100th birthday this October.

The three jars will each feature a Vegemite label of the past with one from 1923, the 1930s, and the 1960s. Vegemite’s 350g Squeezy product will also feature the 1930s design.

Rob Carman, who has worked at Vegemite HQ for over 51 years, said it’s incredible exciting to see the 100th birthday anniversary jars roll off the production line.

“It is hard to believe Vegemite is turning 100 mitey years this year – we’re proud to continue to produce over 20 million jars of Vegemite each year.”

The 1923 label was the first label off the Vegemite line and features a red and black label, the 1930s jar features Art Deco stripes added to the label, a design in line with the era, the 1960s jar features a red and yellow label, paving the way for the jar we know today.

The jars and squeezy bottle are available at independent supermarkets, Coles, and Woolworths, until sold out, which Vegemite predict will be around November.

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