Via Drinks launches new non-alcoholic range

Via Drinks has entered the non-alcoholic beverage market with a new range of all-natural, functional non-alcoholic, cocktail-inspired beverages.

The range, which is of GMO-free, vegan, and gluten-free, has already won medals at the World Alcohol-Free Awards and includes Sparkling Seventy-Five, Sparkling Margarita, Sparkling Aperitif, and Sparkling Brut.

Sarah Morley and Kiersten Mason, Co-Founders of Via Drinks, said the beverages are meticulously crafted to combine the layered and sophisticated taste profiles of classic cocktails, inspired by nature.

“What sets Via Drinks apart is the incorporation of Viagenics™ adaptogens into our beverages. These natural compounds – including Schisandra, L-Theanine, Guayusa, and Wattle Flower – are carefully selected for their beneficial properties and work to elevate the mood and stimulate the senses.

“With the support of experts, industry professionals and skilled production partners, we’ve created a range we’re incredibly proud of which truly elevates the drinking experience. Many hours were spent researching and testing innovative potent plant extracts to create each formulation.”

The range is currently available in a 250ml can format with an RRP of $5.50 per can, four-pack at $22.00, or 12-pack $60.00, with bottle formats available in the coming months. 

Via Drinks is available through WH Smiths stores and the Via Drinks website.

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