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‘On-demand’ public transport strengthening

Via, a car-pooling group that provides ‘on-demand’ public transport, is ‘exceeding targets’ in Australia.

The company, headquartered in New York, has released metrics for its new Cooee Busways transport system, launched in partnership with Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) and Busways, an Australian transportation provider.

Despite only starting operations in May this year, Via said “residents are already flocking to the new service by the thousands, with ridership exceeding targets, and vehicle utilisation well ahead of the project’s goals”.

Via on-demandCalled Cooee Busways, the new ‘on-demand’ shared transit network provides connections for residents in The Ponds, Schofields and Kellyville Ridge, linking more residents with the new Sydney Metro public transportation hubs.

The ‘on-demand’ industry is booming at a rapid pace.

Jeff Rogut, CEO of the Australasian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS) said this current initiative is a positive for the wider community and also offers opportunities for convenience retailers.

“Any services that relieve congestion on our roads is welcome,” said Rogut. “Many suburbs have been developed by state governments without adequate public transport and the resulting congestion on major roads is a frustration for motorists and results in a loss of productivity by those caught up in daily long commutes.”

“Convenience stores will continue to serve their communities with a wide variety of products and services,” Rogut said. “It may well be that some commuters may choose to be picked up at their local convenience store where they may buy a coffee etc and relax on the way to their destination.”

More than 20,000 rides have been taken on the Cooee service in less than three months. Rides increased by more than 50 percent between June and July, with 55 percent of riders saying they previously used a private vehicle to make the journey.

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