Fonterra launches Anchor Milk in Victoria


Fonterra’s Anchor Milk brand has arrived in Australia and brought with it a new microfiltration technology, which will initially be available in Victoria.

While all milk is pasteurised Anchor goes one step further by using microfiltration to reduce the naturally occurring bacteria in pasteurised milk that causes spoilage by an additional 95 per cent.

It does this by pushing the milk through a special ceramic filter, creating a beautifully fresh tasting finished product that has an extended shelf life of 21 days.  Normal pasteurised milk has a shelf life of 15 days.

No additives or preservative are added to Anchor milk to achieve this longer shelf life.

Kiril Simonovski, director of marketing at Fonterra, said: “Anchor is clean on the palette and has distinctly no after-taste – even after a week or two in the fridge”.

“It really is beautiful milk and we think it offers consumers the best of both worlds through its superior taste profile, combined with the convenience of an extended shelf life.

“Milk has become something of a commodity in Australia, but we saw the opportunity to raise the bar with Anchor and believe microfiltration will be a game-changer, with Victoria our first market.

“We know consumers shop by used by date because they want the freshest product.  We think Anchor will appeal to discerning households looking for a premium product with a recommended retail price of only slightly more than regular milk.”

Anchor Milk is sourced exclusively from a small number of farms in Western Victoria, located close to where the milk is processed. Anchor Finely Filtered Milk range is now available from Woolworths supermarkets across Victoria only.

Anchor Finely Filtered Whole Milk is available in 500mL (RRP $1.49), 1L (RRP, $2.49), 2L (RRP, $3.29) bottles. Anchor Finely Filtered Light Milk is available in 1L (RRP, $2.69) and 2L bottles (RRP, $3.49).

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