Viennetta celebrates 40th birthday with new Birthday Cake flavour

Streets is celebrating the 40th birthday of its much-loved Viennetta with the release of the Viennetta Birthday Cake.

Launched in 1982 by British ice cream company Walls, the Viennetta quickly spread across the globe arriving in Australia in the mid-80s.

Since its introduction into Australia, Viennetta has been a go-to frozen dessert for Aussie birthday parties as well as many other special occasions.

Perry Varol, Unilever Brand Lead, said that the Viennetta is still as popular as ever with sales steadily increasing since July 2020 until now.

“We are thrilled to be marking the 40th birthday of the Viennetta in 2022, with close to 40 years of memories, joy and satisfied customers across Australia that can attest to why Viennetta still holds such a special place in our heart,” said Varol.

To celebrate the 40-year milestone, Streets is encouraging Australians to get their hands on the newest Birthday Cake flavour.

The Viennetta Birthday Cake is layered with delicious waves of creamy vanilla flowing over a classic chocolate ripple throughout the centre, topped with celebratory rainbow sprinkles.

“We are so excited to be bringing this scrumptious new flavour to the classic Viennetta recipe and give Aussies even more reason to roll out the Viennetta at their next birthday celebration,” said Perry.

“With such a strong identity for Australians we’re always looking at ways to surprise consumers with new flavours and experiences.”

The Viennetta Birthday Cake is available now in IGA and Coles across Australia.

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