Violet Crumble has new owner

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The humble Violet Crumble chocolate bar has been sold by Nestle Australia, and purchased by Australian confectioner Robern Menz.

The Robern Menz family business has been in operation for 150 years and in addition to acquiring the chocolate bar, will also take on the brand’s manufacturing equipment and intellectual property.

Nestle’s confectionary unit GM Martin Brown said: “The sale of the Violet Crumble brand to Robern Menz recognizes that they are well positioned to combine their existing honeycomb manufacturing with that of Violet Crumble and continue to invest behind this well-loved brand”.

Robern Menz chief executive Phil Sims said: “As the new gatekeeper of Violet Crumble, we are aware of the responsibility that comes along with owning a brand so highly regarded in the Australian marketplace”.

The production of the Violet Crumble will move to South Australia where its new company is located.

Premier Jay Weatherill said: “Like many South Australians, I love Violet Crumbles, and it’s great we can now all enjoy these chocolate bars knowing we’re also supporting South Australian jobs”.

“Robern Menz is a household name in South Australia, and it’s great that this local business has ambitions to grow their operations and create more local jobs in food processing,” he said.

1 thought on “Violet Crumble has new owner”

  1. Extremely disappointed with what you have done with Violet Crumble ever since you bought this famous brand. It fails to shatter as its supposed to. Made now with a taste of malt it tastes horrible and its so sweet. Deffinetely NOT for adults.
    Its also made of an inferior chocolate so it melts very easily making a mess of hands and sticking to teeth and palletes alike.
    Sizewise its declined in size to a 1/2 bar: widthwise. Over all EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING.
    I would like to know why you bought this famous brand from Nestle. Have you got something against this brand that you decided to completely destroy the chocolate and its features and make something horrible out of it???
    By the way this is no humble brand of chocolates. Its been around since 1932. Originally it was owned by Rownetree &Hoadley as a britsh brand. In those days and right up to the time of the eighties it was not only made of the finest honeycombe, but it was covered by the thinnest layer of quality dark chocolate. Its wrapper was a deep purplish blue hue with silver lettering.
    Who ever bought the brand in the eighties failed to recognize the highest quality of this chocolate as being the impossible to contest brand of honeycombe with the paper thin coat of quality dark chocolate plus a flavour to match.
    lnstead they sold it in its present inferior wrapper to mean that it is famous for its ability to shatter.
    Thats far from the truth and has been sold in all the commonweath counties and perhaps the rest of the world for decades since 1932 for its expectional and unmatchable qualities.

    I have read you have bought its equipment from Nestle, so why can’t you deliver even to the standards at which you bought the brand?
    I believe you can do far better than Nestle and go back to producing it in its original wrapper and in its unmatchable quality. Otherwise you wouldn’t have bought the brand. Regards

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