Viva Energy launches Shell Card sustainability program

Viva Energy has launched a new opt-in program to allow Shell Card customers to offset the emissions associated with fuel purchases.

The Opt-in Carbon Neutral Products Program will allow customers to achieve their emissions reduction and sustainability targets by choosing to offset Viva Energy’s purchased and retired eligible carbon credits from domestic projects and a selection of international projects.

Lachlan Pfeiffer, Chief Business Development and Sustainability Officer at Viva Energy, said the program is a way for Shell Card customers to meet sustainability targets in an immediate and practical manner.

“Direct emission reductions are not always available immediately, and carbon offsets are a way of achieving lower net-carbon outcomes quickly and efficiently – particularly for businesses operating in sectors that are harder to abate and where technological pathways to lower emissions are likely to take some time to be commercial.

“This is an excellent interim solution for businesses looking to take meaningful action to offset their emissions while supporting projects with positive environmental, economic, and social benefits.”

Carbon offsets can contribute to global efforts to combat climate change by helping to reduce overall carbon outcomes through investment in projects that capture or reduce emissions, such as reforestation, renewable energy, and methane capture from landfills.

The program will commence in early 2024.

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