WA town pledges Puma boycott

Around 10% of the townsfolk of Dunsborough, WA have pledged to boycott a new Puma service station, to be built between two existing service stations in the town’s main street.

Throughout the debate over this development Puma Energy has refused to provide comment to the press, however C&I Week has again offered the fuel supplier a right of reply.

A press release from the Puma2go action group stated that the preferred development site is within the town’s light industrial district, where they say a fuel outlet would provide much better utility to the town.

The group intends to have a quarter of the town’s population signed up by the end of March to a pledge to boycott the development if it goes ahead.

The development proposal went before the State Administrative Tribunal earlier this year, and a decision about whether the development may proceed or not is expected by May 1.

Landowners of the proposed development site, who have also ignored correspondence from C&I Week, originally applied in 2015 for approval to develop a six bay petrol station in Dunn Bay Road. The proposal was unanimously turned down by the state’s Development Appeals Panel, after bypassing the local council which was not in support of the development.

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