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Walk ‘n Talk launches the Fast Charge Series

The petrol and convenience channel has become a go to destination for consumers buying technology accessories and Walk ‘n Talk is the market leader in this space.

Walk ‘n Talk’s Fast Charge Series is one of the only products on the market to combine both power delivery and quick charge in the same device.

Ryan Price, Channel Manager, Pacific Optics, says: “With many consumers being pressed for time, Walk ‘n Talk’s Fast Charge Series will give consumers the best experience to charge their devices.”

Walk ‘n Talk Fast Charge can charge a device up to 70 per cent faster than standard 5W charging, which means less time waiting for your device to charge and more time getting on with what you want.

There are currently five high volume lines in the range, although as consumer adoption increases, this will expand rapidly.

“Being a market leader in technology accessories, we feel it’s important that our retailers can compete with the majors when it comes to tech,” says Price. “We are very certain consumers are exiting the channel as they can’t find a power delivery or quick charge product, so this new range will satisfy that demand.

“Currently the new Apple phones don’t come with a wall charger and therefore consumers will be looking to find a wall charger that works with their power delivery cables. We hope our retailers become the first point of purchase for power delivery or quick charge with Walk ‘n Talk and we will be launching a huge digital campaign to advise them of which retailers are ranging to visit.”

Walk ‘n Talk’s Fast Charge Series has become part of Pacific Optics core ranging and a range of display options (floor stand, clip strip and counter display) have been created for retailers.

Contact Pacific Optics on 1300 237 425 or your local rep to find out more.

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