Wat-er You Waiting For?

With watermelon predicted to be the superfood of the year, H2melon has perfectly timed its launch. By the team behind H2coco coconut water, H2melon is the world’s first, long-life, 100% watermelon water beverage, to launch into the Australian market.

H2melon has jam-packed everyone’s favorite superfood into a convenient easy to carry pack. We have kept it simple with 100% watermelon water.

H2melon is a fun lifestyle drink, preserving everything Aussie consumers love about summer, it also contains a host of health benefits. Watermelon is naturally packed with the electrolyte potassium, the amino acid L-Citrulline and antioxidant Lycopene, not to mention its made up of 92% water, providing the ultimate source of hydration.

H2melon is available today from Woolworths Supermarket and Caltex Starmart and all other leading supermarkets, petrol stations and convenience stores.

For more information visit www.h2melon.com or call 1800 422 626

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